Thinking an elderly person was neglected and wants to go home. Two aides were helping, but extended family was not notified until after she was removed from her assets and we could not get a second opinion, she is lucid and with two aides should not have been falling with them being paid, and she is in good shape and the falls are sudden now all of her monthly check would go to the home and she has been taken from a place she owned so all of her assets and freedom were taken in 24 hours.. how do we get her back into her home with a contract aid and social worker monitoring the situation for her safety as she was clearly exploited and neglected by hired help

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I wonder who misdiagnosed her and what was the diagnosis? Those of us who care for elders know that falls happen quickly and are usually not a sign of neglect. If this person is still lucid and able when she recovers, then she can sign herself out and go home. A competent person cannot be held against her will unless they are committed or a legal guardian says otherwise.
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How did the hired help exploit her? In what way did they neglect her?

Can you explain a little more of how you are involved in this situation? Are you one of the extended family or a close friend or what? Did you visit her often and see what was going on first hand? Who is the "we" who would like to get her back home?

Has a guardian been appointed for her?

If she is lucid and in good shape, what services did she need from the aides?

It would just help to see a clearer picture before considering how you could begin the process of getting her back home.
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