My menopause causes me to sweat really bad from my forehead to my chin with sweat dripping off my nose. In 2009 the Dr I had did some research & suggested I try 1 black cohosh & 1 soy inflavone capsule each morning. Within 1 week my symptoms didn't disappear but I hardly ever get the symptoms unless I assert myself outside. You can get the capsules at GNC, Hi-Health or a vitamin store near you. What other remedies help your menopause?

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I have been in menopause for 2 years. The hot flashes and night sweats were killing me. I did research on Black Cohosh, I started taking it a year ago. I love it. Black Cohosh is my best friend!

This is how I take it...6 pills right after dinner and 3 pills at 7pm. I don't have hot flashes anymore. And night sweats are a few at night, but they are short live and I don't get as hot. I sleep right through them. And I have lost some weight as well.😀

Now back to you. The best brand of Black Cohosh is Nature's Way. Yes, I have try different brands this one works best in my option.
I would suggest starting with 3 540mg a day. Believe me if your night sweats are as bad as you say 1 540 mg will do nothing for you. You might want to take it with dinner. It can make you hungry, it does me. Take 3 a day for a week and see how it makes you feel & see if you need less or more. Now remember it will take up to 4 to 6 weeks to get through your system & regulate your hormones. I felt the differents in a week. Just start out slow. I hope this helps.

Good luck😊
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A little saying helped me a bit.

Every three, eat me. (also helped with PMT)

Every three hours eat a biscuit (or something small and healthy) Take ONE vitamin 'B' tablet every day.

Then scrub the kitchen floor. lol
Then a nice cool shower.

We have never had an abundance of spare money, so it was always the cheapest way I could find.

Might sound a bit nuts but that is me. :)
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