Long story short, after all factors considered, senior independent living in a facility would be best for my mom. She doesn't need assisted living or nursing home services and is pretty much independent. The problem is she doesn't have enough to pay private pay for more than a couple years. Is there anyway to get around this affordability problem because nobody seems to have any answers to the affordability problem for someone who doesn't needed AL but doesn't have enough money to pay out of pocket for the independent senior living. Thanks.

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She has an apartment a mile away. She needs assistance w transportation..lots of docs. Shes in between independent housing and assisted living..has trouble managing affairs. Mild cognitive impairment and memory issues..
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There is low income housing in CT but there may be wait lists. I assume you have not talked with a social worker at the senior center in your town to see what options there are in CT. The state has some options in order to keep seniors living independently as best they can. I see you are in Rocky Hill. There is public housing in Glastonbury which has some information on their website about qualifications. Look up the Herbert T Clark house to see what I mean. There is also The Retreat in Hartford to get you started.
I also pulled a website for you
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Look for senior housing, not senior independent living, two very different situations.

55+ communities with activities is what it sounds like you are looking for. These come as trailer courts, apartment buildings, more expensive ones have brick and mortar homes.

That would be the 1st place I would check. 55+ communities
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loutriz Jun 30, 2020
Thank you!
Most communities have Senior Living apartments. My mother was able to move into a very nice one five invites down the road from her original home. Her rent was income based. She paid 30% of her total income. The apartment was very nice. The residents were offered crafting, bingo and occasional day bus trips. Perhaps a call to your local Area Agency on Aging could provide you with a guide.
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loutriz, what is her current living arrangement? Is she living with you?
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