We could have our friend stay with us for a year if she could get on a waiting list. I’m afraid that as her physical needs increase my husband and I will not be able to care for her as we are also aging.
I want to know what care is available for aging seniors who are homeless. Thank you.

Yes as Cali stated start by helping her get qualified for MediCal, then she can know what housing she qualifies for. If she doesn't authorize someone as durable PoA for herself, then eventually the county will become her guardian. If you both agree, you could be her PoA but you need to make sure you want that responsibility, which ends the moment she passes. If she is homeless and has no other assets or investments (except a car, which is exempt) she should have no problem qualifying. I have heard there might be quite a wait for housing/Medicaid beds in CA so she needs to act sooner than later. Blessings!
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I would not take on this responsibility. If she has family, they should be setting up care for her. Do what Worried suggests. These agencies can get her emergency help. There are Senior apts that charge rent on scale. Not sure how MediCal works in Cal but maybe if she needs homecare, they can set her up with a few hours. If ur told it will take a few weeks to get everything together, you can say you can allow her to stay with you but it can't be indefinitely. Do not volunteer until the agency has done what they can. She can be put up in a hotel if its a homeless situation.
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Try contacting the area on aging and the Napa county department of social services, they will determine what she’s eligible for and get her in to any waitlists. Perhaps she can go to assisted living? If she qualifies for Medi-cal get her on the waitlist for an AL voucher, however she will probably have to relocate to another county.
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