Where to find an in-home nutritionist/personal trainer?

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My mom refuses to excercise and had gained weight.

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We need for information to help us answer your question. Such as how old is your Mom, and what are her health issues?

Otherwise, her primary doctor could make recommendations for a nutritionist and a personal trainer.
In-home nutritionist? You mean like a dietitian that makes house calls? What is the reason your mom can't make an appointment and go into an office? And why not sign up with a gym that has personal trainers?

If your mom refuses to exercise, what good would a personal trainer do? Do you think such a person could change her mind?

How old is your mother and what are her health issues? (yes you hear an echo from the previous post) For example, does she have diabetes? Does she have celiac disease? What are her special dietary needs? Is she obese? Is it putting her health at further risk?

my mom is just 83.
she is highly opinionated in the negative /cantankerous /beginnings of memory challenged.
abt everything that would cause her to move from her comfy chair.. so I am her everything which I cannot be:
I'm looking for educated visitors
to enhance my moms experience💚
Actually, JC, it is a power struggle. She wants to control her life, what little is left. So if you can convince her that these things are HER idea, she will be glad to do them.
There are wellness experts available through Skype, if your mother is computer savvy (or there is someone with her who is). You might want to check some out on YouTube and see who would resonate with her.
Talk to her doctor have him recommend physical therapy, she should be able to get 6 weeks covered by medicare twice a week at home or at physical therapy clinic. Its not hard to get paid phycial therapy. Now if you can get her to go to pt clinic she will get a much better longer workout and the fact of getting out of her house will be good for her mentally. If you cant take her try senior ride service. You can also hire a dietian ( you will have to pay them yourself as medicare usually will not) just do a search in your area or ask doc for recommendation. Its great that you want to help her keep moving, motivation is the biggest hurdle so find music she likes, maybe a 50's plus exercise video things that will make it fun.
I'm grateful to report I feel encouraged by the love
thankyou everyome❤️
Where does your mom live? I'm a personal trainer with 30 years experience. Perhaps I can help?
I took my mother once to geriatric exercise program because she was deconditioned and had many falls. I would have to hide. She would look at me with those puppy dog eyes. Once the program was finished her ambulation was great. I bought her a floor peddler. She would use it from time to time. I would not force her to do anything she didn't want to do. There has to be a reason to take her to a dietician. You can't force your beliefs onto your mother. She is at the age to do what she want.
mom lives with me & my husband..

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