I am remodeling my bedroom and bathroom to get in place for my Mom to stay in my home permanently. I am moving into a smaller bedroom in order to have this done.

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No. Medicare is a federal entitlement that pays for hospitalization, medical providers and the services, hospice, prescriptions, etc. We all pay into Medicare via FICA in our paychecks and deducted from SS income when we retire. For what you want, a local Area on Aging may be able to help in some way. Usually assistance is dependent upon if the property owner is the person needing the modification, there is documented medical necessity and financial need. Usually in those situations, they may do a specific modifications like a ramp built or an entry modification (wider for a wheelchair) or a bath retro with grab bars.

Realistically you just have to out of pocket pay for the costs to remodel your house. It's a hard sell to think you can expect the government to for a remodel the interior of your property. If you use some of mom's $ to do this, be careful and have pretty specific agreement drawn up in advance...otherwise you could face a transfer of assets penalty IF she applies for Medicaid in the future.

You can look into having her as an exemption on your taxes.
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