I plan on selling the car for $500. It is a 1989 Buick LaSabre poor condition.

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Most states have their "assets" at about $ 2,000.00. If that is your state's ceiling on assets (assets not income), and mom has less that $ 1,500.00 in savings or her bank account, then the extra $ 500.00 should not be an issue. You need to spend the $ 500.00 on mom's needs or her care or put it in her bank account. Like new clothes, hearing aid or glasses or other items that Medicaid doesn't pay for.
If mom doesn't have a preneed funeral & burial done, $ 500.00 will go a long way to paying for a cremation.

One thing you want to do - just in case - is make sure the BLue Book value of the car is $ 500.00 or less. Sometimes the BBV will be more than the car is getting sold for. If this is your situation, just take some photos of the car with your phone so you can document that it is an old car and not worth more than $500.00 just in case Medicaid ever asks.

Also please make sure you do whatever is required in your state for vehicle sales. Like remember to TAKE THE LICENSE PLATE(S) OFF. And call the insurance company to cancel the policy after the paperwork is done - mom may get a rebate for the balance of the policy money too.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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