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All meds are the same but he might have his day and nights reversed. He's in assisted living. He does go out in the common areas through out the day.
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I second the idea of looking at the meds, dozing through the day is normal, falling asleep at the table isn't.
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I think it is. Someone in my family said that when you sleep the brain repairs itself. He wondered if maybe that was why our dad was dropping off to sleep so often. His brain was trying to repair itself. Sounded like a good guess to me.
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Jade, as we age with or without dementia we do tend to fall asleep more. I am in my 70's, and if I am watching TV in the middle of the afternoon, I will doze off. I never use to do that, but it does come with age.

Certain meds can also make one very sleepy. If Dad got a higher dosage of blood pressure meds, it can knock him out until the dosage is balanced out. Check with your Dad's doctors regarding his medicine.

Is Dad awake during the night? Sometimes with dementia the inner clock gets day and night mixed up.
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