My mother is 94 with Alzheimer’s. She has been living with my wife and me for the past 5 years. She is at a stage now where she is constantly sleeping. Does this indicate something I need to know?

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Check her weight if you can.  At the end of life you'll see weight loss, dehydration and darkening urine.  If these are also present, talk to her MD about hospice care.
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How many hours a day does she sleep? Does she get up for meals, toilet etc?

Dad is almost 90. He manages well, but has 3-4 naps a day, plus is in bed by 7pm each night. He gets up, makes coffee. By 10 he has made his breakfast and eaten it, then he naps.

He has a short window of time each day to accomplish activities, such as shopping or appointments in the morning. Once he has had his lunch is naps again.

Step Dad died a month ago, he was basically asleep for the last 72 hours of his life and did not wake before taking his last breath.
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Hi mobeach

More information is needed about your mother's condition to be able to give a sensible reply. Alz can upset the sleep-wake cycle, so people sleep more early in the disease and people can sleep more in the day and less at night as the disease progresses. What are her other symptoms? Does her doctor have an opinion about this? it is a difficult disease to care for and certainly a less than ideal retirement plan. Kudos to you and you wife. I hope you have a back up plan if things get too difficult for you.
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