My father in law falls and bruises him self. Refuses to go to the Dr. He also screams in his sleep like he's trying to escape a monster what should I do? He takes all his meds. I have set them up for him. He still works and they sent him home because he is so weak he has congestive heart failure and several others things.

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Kacynichols, working is the best therapy so father-in-law should continue as long as he is physically able to do. The 36 years working at one place is amazing, he probably wants to make it to 40 years. When my own Dad retired after being in one place for over 40 years, he was totally lost, and bored. Then he and my Mom started to do volunteer work and that worked wonders for both of them :)

Time for father-in-law's primary doctor to check over all the pills he is taking. There could be one what has side effects like nightmares. Even food after 6 or 7pm can disrupt sleep. For me, if I eat chocolate late after supper, I have crazy dreams.

The swelling legs could be related to father-in-laws heart. Are you able to go into the doctor's exam room with your father-in-law, or is that too awkward? Maybe your husband can go in with a list of questions for the doctor.
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How long has it been since he had a complete physical? His legs are probably swelling because he’s retaining fluid. If he’s not on diuretics, he needs to be. If he is, the dosage needs to be changed. What do you mean “his stomach busted”? Is it possible he has a blood infection? That could be causing him to scream out at night. Make sure you go to the doctor with him so the doctor gets the full picture.
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He works at Wal-Mart has been there for 36 years they don't expect him to do anything but show up he lives with me my hubby and our 3 kids in TN
He has congestive heart failure, gout,a thyroid issue, a cholesterol issue ,his stomic busted 18 months ago.
His leg swell like tree trunks and have like black bump things on them. The scrram8ng is like the boogie man is comming to get him he puts his hand up and scream get away or just gutter fear screams every day if I wake him he doesn't remember
We've begged him to quit his Dr has asked him to quit he states he will not just sit at home and die
I have a Dr apt for him in 9 days I just don't what else to do thank you for the replies they help tremendously
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It would help to know a little more about your father-in-law. Where does he live? What are his ailments? Aside from CHF what has he been diagnosed with?

If he's at a point in his life where he is falling how can he still be working?

When he screams at night is it in his sleep as if he were having a nightmare or does he scream for some other reason, like pain?

I hope you can share a little more with us so you can get more detailed answers.
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Your FIL needs to go to the doctor and tell them what is going on. The only one who can figure out what’s going on with him is a medical professional. If his issues are interfering with his work, he could get fired. Something is going on with him and there is no way we could diagnose what’s going on with him. You also might want to put a floor mat next to his bed so if he falls, he won’t bruise himself.
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