Confused about gov. regulations and safety?


I am confused about new law in nursing homes and rehab. First they say it's against the law to have bed alarms. So what happens? My mother fell out of bed the first night in rehab. Now I was told it's against gov. regulations to have bed rails. I have bed rails at home, should I still use them? If I don't I'm afraid my mother will fall. We just got a low air mattress. What do you all think?

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In many states, restraints (bed alarms, side rails, etc.) are not allowed in Assisted Living, but are allowed in Nursing Care. Check your state.
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State Laws regarding nursing homes/rehabs vary from State to State.

When my Dad moved into Senior living, I was able to get Dad a very small bed rail, one that didn't go all the way down the bed. Main purpose was to give him something to grab onto while getting out of bed. The facility showed me what was allowed.

My Mom lived in long-term-care. No bed rails were allowed because it was too easy for an elder to get their legs tangled in the rails. Thus, the facility could only stuff pillows around Mom to try to keep her in bed [she would forget she couldn't walk or stand]. The facility would lower the bed and have fall mats on both sides of the bed.

At home you can do what you want as you are not a licensed facility. You know your Mom best.
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