I work for an autistic adult and I get paid through a financial fiscal service because the family receives self direct pay through medicade. However, another adult happens to have a disability as well. The family wants you to take care of her as well (assistance with showers- hoyer lift, picking up meds and errands-food runs or for the doctor) . The mom needs to be dropped to and from work and goes grocery shopping) but only when us caregivers are on the clock. To deal with the original patient is tough enough but this family is robbing me of my money that i deserve. I am currently enrolling back into classes so I can find another stable job and do what i love but with a peace of mind. I need asstiance in putting a stop to this family and their abuse of self direct pay and get the money I earned working with the other paraplegic patient? Please help.

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"I'm sorry. I am getting paid to care for one autistic adult. That is all I can handle. Perhaps you could call the service that placed me and ask them to place an additional person."

Or, if you can handle the work but want additional pay for it, discuss it with the agency that is paying for your services.
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