So I'm a new CNA at a Skilled nursing facility in Washington. So it's the end of my shift and mind you my shift is from 2:30- 10:30pm and its 10:40 and the Noc shift aides haven't showed up yet. And one of the CNAs that is working on my floor is clocking in, she comes and asks me who has one of this resident yesterday. Then I tell her I had it, then she starts yelling at me accusing me of neglecting that resident because when she came that day he was covered in BM and his bed was soaked in it. Mind you I had changed that resident multiple times during my shift and before I left I had asked my partner to help me with that resident multiple times and that I did change him. So the NOC shift CNA had said that I left him that way and now is threatening me telling me she is going to report me to the charge nurse. I never in my life will ever mean to harm or neglect a person, I've only been a CNA for 3 years I'm only 18yrs old. All I want to do is help people get better and heal and build my career. Please give me your advice on how to handle this.

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Many businesses organise their budget around a mix of employees which includes juniors who receive a lower wage. If a junior turns 18 and gets the next higher wage rate, someone in that higher bracket has to go to be replaced with a junior. Fear of this may be part of your problem with your co-worker. It is really rough on the person who is ‘let go’. There is not much you can do about it.
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You have a witness that can vouch for you. This was unprofessional on her part. I remember being 18 and working my first job and some of the older employees doing similar things to me. You are going to need to stick up for yourself. Its really your word against hers. For now let this go, I wouldn't make a big thing out of it. But if this becomes an ongoing thing, I would talk to the charge nurse. Keep a record. You may want to leave a note at the end of your shift when you last changed the resident.
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Oh dear, I'm sorry to read this.

When exactly did you join this SNF?

It is only a guess - I wasn't there, obviously - but it sounds as though the shouty CNA was angry and upset because she literally walked into a sh*t-storm the moment she got to work. But instead of thinking it through, she immediately suspected that "someone" had left that resident and sneaked off without changing him - because, from her point of view, that's what it looked like.

If you're new and young (I have to ask, how does somebody who is only 18 have three years' experience as a CNA?) this must have been very frightening for you. The best thing to do is to go and see your line manager and calmly explain what happened.

Nobody should be yelling at anybody, nor making accusations without giving a person a chance to explain. But it is for your managers to deal with this problem and insist that co-workers treat one another with respect.
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worriedinCali Mar 20, 2019
if she’s in the US, there’s no way she’s been working as a CNA for 3 years. Some states will allow you to become a CNA at 16 but you can’t work as one Until you are 18.

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