Hurt hands knees and neck back.

Can you describe more fully what is happening, please?

The person has fallen out of bed four times and hurt his/her hands, knees, neck and back (or back of neck). I'm very sorry to hear that. But to stop it happening again you need to think about...

why he or she might be trying to get up, and whether those reasons need attention;
or what else might be causing the person to roll over and fall;
and what equipment or adjustments might prevent its happening again.
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There are many reasons for falls, it is hard to know without a little more background info. A bed assist rail is a good investment, it gives a firm handhold when sitting at the edge of the bed and standing. It can also provide a partial barrier at the edge of the bed.
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Is the problem falling out of bed when lying flat - ie rolling out, or forgetting where the edge of the bed is? Try tucking in the bedclothes firmly. Or is it happening during the process of getting up? Try swinging legs down to the floor and sitting upright for a couple of minutes before trying to stand. A touch lamp is useful for getting your bearings while you get yourself together during the sit. Having a walker handy then helps you to stand.
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