My 89-year old father just contracted an infection in his spine that is quite painful. After about 3 weeks he was finally diagnosed. Prior to this event he lost his glasses. He really doesn’t feel well enough to transport him to the eye doctor to be fitted for new glasses (we have a new prescription). Would anyone know if there is an organization or company that makes house calls for just the measuring of the glasses? He’s already been without them for so long and will continue to be without them until he recovers from his infection which will be another 8 weeks or so. He’ll be spending a lot of time in bed and I’m sure he would love to be able to read. Thanks in advance !

If you have the prescription, getting glasses online is easy. I have only bought glasses online for over 20 years. It's dirt cheap. The only number you might need that is not on your prescription is the PD, the distance between the eyes. That's easy to measure. Yes, there are machines that do that but many optometrist still do it the old fashion way, they hold a ruler up to someone's face. You can do the same. Once you have the PD and the prescription, just go on to an online glasses company pick a frame and then type in the numbers. You'll have glasses in a couple of weeks or faster if you pay to have it expedited. The cheapest glasses will be under $10. I'm wearing a pair I got for $7 right now.

Here are my two go to companies. (These guys always have a coupon, the current one is DIST399. The cheapest glasses will be $3.99 + shipping. It'll be about $10 delivered)

The sites will have directions on how you can measure the PD. You can do all this yourself. You don't need anyone to fit glasses.
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Doesn't his optometrist have his information on file?

Are you sure he doesn't have a very old pair squirreled away somewhere?

There have been positive comments on the forum about buying glasses on line, I believe some of those sites have tutorials on how to order the right fit.
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Dear All my heart,

I feel your frustration ..I've been figuring out ways to do things from home that I've always taken for granted before the wheelchair entered our lives.

I suggest you take a look at Goggles 4 u... my son is a second year law student and limited time AND finances led him to that site. He wears contacts but all that reading his eyes need a break to wear glasses.. he had his prescription and if not mistaken he only measured pupil to pupil in mirror. First time users discount as well.

As a side note mother has end stage macular degeneration ( amongst other ailments) and I gave her a kindle years ago that we just keep enlarging the font. Much easier also to hold than a traditional book. I was hoping we could lower the volume on some of the daytime tv noise ... didn't go my way ... turns out Steve Harvey makes perfect " background noise" for her reading ...... DING !!!!

Blessings !!!!
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This is just a guess but the VA might have some options if he's already registered and getting medical care.

Another thought is to contact the company that supplied the lost glasses and ask if measurements and fitting adjustments are reflected in their records.

The Lions Club assists with glasses for the needy, but I don't believe they're customized in fit.

Have you contacted the ophthalmologist who scripted for the new glasses? Sometimes they know of sources, especially if they don't sell glasses themselves.

Wish I had some better suggestions. This is a unique situation.
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spec savers ,give them a ring or go on line and ask for a home visit,they came out to my late mum brought glasses to fit made them up and brought them to her,brilliant.
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Thank you all for your answers ! I did contact his eye doctor’s office who wrote the prescription and they gave me the impression the only accurate way to measure was for him to come into the office. I was disappointed in how little help they provided. I may call again and talk to an office manager. With the aging population growing as it is I suspect (hope) “house calls” will make a comeback.
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My husband is bedridden as well and the dog got his glasses a year ago. He misses reading his sports pages. His optometrist was no help either. Now I ordered two pairs off the Internet. Loved the first pair. Hated the second. Don’t remember the name of the site. It was hard to tell whether I should order a large frame or a small. Turns out ,large is too big. My last pair was from CVS. They are 1.25 readers. $20. They’re great. Maybe try those?
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If you know where he bought the last frames, the office should have that on file. If the frame is still in stock they can order it and replace the lenses. I had to do this for my dad's glasses as he broke his frame. If the frame is no longer made they can use the measurements of the old frame to select a new one. You can pick it up to see if it fits him, take it back and let them fill the prescription.
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Google "optometrist home visit" and the city and state name. I just did and was surprised to find various options.
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If he's using just the readers, you could call the optometrist office back and ask, as medical POA, what his magnification was on the RX glasses, that he needs them to read until you can get him in for an appointment. If that doesn't work, you can get him to sign a letter requesting his records from the last 5 years which should have that info in them. Then you can buy readers from amazon, CVS, or Wally world. I bought mthr a set of *5* pairs of +3.0 from one of those places for about $3 a pair when she first moved to MC. She still lost them all in 6 mos, and I'm sure some were tucked in the sheets and made it to the laundry. At $3 each, I could just shrug and get more.
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