My mother has been in a nursing home for 3 weeks and is using an E-talk phone from Verizon.(the brand is Kazuna and it has 2 stars). She barely used it at home since she had a land line. She's 87, and struggles to use the phone. She calls me randomly when she is trying to call someone else. I think if it's charging she can't take a call (I tested it). We tried showing her how to use it, no sense showing her she can save contacts, etc. What do you recommend? Thank you in advance!

My mother with Dementia is on her 4th phone!! ( and last).
I purchased the RAZ phone.
you upload pictures and phone numbers of the people they are most likely to call. There is also a dial pad.
It was made for dementia and Alzheimer’s suffers and is very very simple. They do not have it set up for voicemail as I think the company is trying to keep it as simple as possible.

HOWEVER, when my mother is calling one of us, I think she taps on the face of the phone as it is laying on the counter and hangs up on us.

She will also call the wrong person and leave messages.

I’m just telling you these things because they may happen to someone else as well.

It is not a landline. It is a cell phone.
It is not a flip phone. The only thing showing on the face of the phone are faces of family and friends. My mother may want to call. The phone automatically dies that person when my mother touches the face of the person.

we also have it set up to automatically answer on her end when we call her. So I will simply say hello, Mom? And she will answer. I’m here I’m here and then we can talk. That way the volume is at its highest point so she can hear over the blaring television, and in case she is not wearing her hearing aids.

We are all in the same boat paddling upstream with these diseases as caretakers. Take care.!
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When my BIL went into a nursing home the phone company that the nursing home was using l had to set up. It was CenturyLink so I set him up with it and had his phone he had in his apartment there for him. Why we did this was he had dementia and using that phone was familiar to him.

I would check with the nursing home to see if they have the same set up. With my case I had to pay for it because I was his rep payee.

Prayers hope you find something that works.
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I have Alexa as well with my father as well. He knows all he has to say is call Mary and then it does it. I also set up reminders for him to get up and walk, to drink his bottles of water, etc. it has been a total lifesaver and he has Alzheimer’s with a five second memory.
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Logan1964: Perhaps she can try a Jitterbug. However, she may have trouble with any cellular phone. Some posters here are suggesting Alexa.
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Change to mint mobile 15 dollars a month and set her iPhone or phone setting to auto answer and only accept calls from people in her contact list. Also
turn off the emergency notifications. Amber alert, etc. mom cannot use the phone but we
call her. She has a camera in her room. Eufy with memory chip is best we have used. When I see her up or talking to the phone I call her. I also zip tied it to a stand up charger and keep it plugged in.
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I have had the hardest time with my mom and phones! She has moderate dementia and is in assisted living. She had an older smart phone which broke so I had to get her something new. I opted for the Jitterbug (has a new name but I can't think of it). Anyhow, NOT easy to use and we didn't last long with that one. Literally was about 7 taps on the phone to call me!

Then I went through Telecalm which is a landline that has a "modem" that the call goes through, using the same tech as cell phones. And has lots of bells and whistles giving you control over various things like only X number of calls within XX minutes to the same person. And set the phone numbers that can call her so she doesn't get scammed. I had issues with the modem which they told me to "fix" with a paper clip to reset the unit if unplugging it didn't work. Ridiculous for someone with dementia to deal with. They were supposed to send me a new unit and never did, even after I reminded them so I had to cancel.

Now we're trying a semi-regular landline (VOIP). Hopefully this works, cuz if not I'm DONE.

So my advice is to switch her to a landline. She will never learn to use the cell you have for her.

Good luck.
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freqflyer May 18, 2024
Againx100, I had one of those Jitterbug/Lively cellphones and it is NOT easy to use like they show in the TV advertisements. Every time I picked up the cellphone off the desk, my palm would accidentally hit the "Urgent" button and I had to scrabble to turn it off. I was ready to get out the kitchen tongs so not to bump that button. Plus calls were not clear, too much background noise.

Then I got a Smart type cellphone. Errrrrk. Seems like if I breathed on the phone it would do something I didn't want... the screen was just too sensitive. The scrolling made me carsick. Most of my texts looked like I took Scrabble tiles and thew them on the table :0 Same poor clarity of calls.

Glad I didn't give up my old fashioned landline. Landline to landline is great. Landline to cellphone, again hard to hear due to background noise.
Is she in the Skilled Nursing facility as a permanent residence?
Do you have Alexa in your home?
If so can you set up Alexa in her room?
The reason I ask is I recently found out that if you have Alexa you can "drop in" on someone. (It has to be set up so you can't just listen in on a random person) But you can also make phone calls using Alexa.
So if you are the one that she calls most often it might be easier for her to simply say "Alexa, call Logan"
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