Does anyone have any experience taking Zyprexa?


The ER doctor prescribed Zyprexa 2.5mg for agitation, paranoia, etc. Although the first one time dose in the hospital seem to work very good, and after 3 days the patient was released to go home. Nevertheless, the agitation has started again, I am little afraid to start the prescription, but when the agitation starts I wish I had started it. Is there a good time to give this medicine in the morning upon awakening or before bed time. Any comments are appreciated.

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After the ER agitation episode, Zyprexa was discussed and also ordered by PCP on "as needed basis". The reason I am afraid to start the medication is because I am worried that that it would make his dementia worse, and/or turn him into a zombie. My Mother was on seroquell, rispirdal, etc. I felt that the drugs turned her into zombie, and eventually killed her. So far, I have been able to deflect the agitation and he has become much more self-composed. However, I do have the prescription if I need it.
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Why are you afraid to start the medication at home if it worked for him in the hospital? Just curious.  Was it ordered for a daily dose or as needed? 
Often as stated above the medication needs to be administered consistently for days or weeks to be effective. If it worked before why wouldn’t it help him now? If you are nervous about how he will react give him the med and stay with him for several hours & see how he does. He had a level of the medication already established in his blood and when you didn’t continue his  therapeutic level dropped & you and he are back to square one if it was prescribed to be given daily. 
I know many are reluctant to give our elderly meds such as zyprexa or seroquel but in many instances they are effective in calming an anxious person with dementia.
I suggest giving it another try. You can ask your pharmacist about when to give it - AM or PM.
Also make sure you take the person to his PCP to keep him in the loop or if he doesn’t have one, find one for him as you said the ER doctor ordered it. 
Good luck!
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Each person responds to medication differently and it can take up to a week for the drug to kick in. My husband is now stabilized with Seroquel, which is often used with agitation and paranoia. Have you asked your doctor to switch to Seroquel? You won't see any effect for a least a week. Give it a try. If it doesn't work, try another medication.
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