Lives alone. Has HHA 20 hours per week. Otherwise alone. My mother is her sister who is 92 and does well for herself. They live in same apartment building. The aunt depends on neighbors, super to do for her. She seems to sit in one chair most of the day. I don’t know what the true facts are because she lies a lot. I am at point of calling APS.

What is concerning you? I mean what signs are you seeing that there might be a problem? She has a Home Health Aid 20 hrs a week? Seems like they would notice if there were a health issue or concern, is your mom also living alone and who watches out for/helps her? Sounds like your aunt has several people watching out for her if neighbors and the super are around doing stuff for her as well as the HHA. Does she have an children or someone who is her MPOA and emergency contact that all of these people know to notify if they have concerns?
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What do you think is going on? Do you think she's a danger to herself?
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APS has services other than sending out investigators for allegations of abuse and/or neglect. They have a department where a caseworker will come out and evaluate her and suggest agencies who might be able to help. They will follow her and also have the power to call the local PD if they don’t hear from her for a day or so. Sounds like she does need some sort of intervention.
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lindywoman Jun 4, 2019
Thanks for your answer. Tomorrow I plan on calling the care manager of her Medicare/Medicaid program. Hoping for some solutions thru them. Will post whatever info I get. And yes will still keep APS in mind

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