I have been providing care for my mom all along. Now she needs a lot more care 24/7 and I am not able to provide that. I am looking for a reasonable price care and everyone I called are so expensive. She has Medicare and Medical. Can someone suggest is there any Care Givers that are reasonable priced? Where can I find them?

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Where are you located?? I'm a private caregiver,10 yrs experience. I'd be HAPPY to help YOU
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You don't say why she needs 24/7 care, if it's just that she isn't safe being left on her own and she is still physically capable with her ADLs one option might be adult daycare.
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Hi Noush
Call your Area Agency on Aging and ask that your mom be assessed and to learn what services might be available for her in your area.
Since you didn’t give very much information about your mom’s situation this suggestion might not help but break the jobs up. Housekeeping. Laundry. Cooking. Shopping. Finances etc.
Look for a way to get these things done with the least effort and expense. Meals on wheels might be available. A housekeeper for you and mom can make a tremendous amount of diff in your spirits. Look at it as layers. Each layer you get handled makes life easier. See if there is some sort of respite available. If your mom qualifies for hospice there are sometimes volunteers available. Any money you can save can go towards a caretaker. Even one or two hours can make a huge difference.
Join support groups. Network.
Consider Medicaid if your mom qualifies medically and financially for facility care. Check out your local senior center. My cousin takes both her parents there for lunch daily. Again your mom may not be able to participate but open up to all things senior.

Keep looking. Working people need to earn a living wage. Gov support requires dire need and/or a willingness to accept the regulations. Volunteers are going to be found in different places from most hourly workers. Churches perhaps or neighbors or students needing a part time job.
Good luck and let us know how it’s going.
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