My huband is 80 years old and has always been immaculte about himself but last couple months he is reusing to bathe. I have tried everything I know. does anyone have an answer to this. I would appreciate anyhelp.He is in the beginning stages of dementia.

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My husband 75 yrs old refuses to bathe he had aneurysm surgery 6 yrs ago could that be the reason or is it dementia
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My husband is 75 yrs old had aneurysm surgery 6 yrs ago no longer wishes to bathe could it be the result of the surgery or dimentia
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When my dad was recovering from a stroke I stayed with him for 4 months. He never thought to do much of anything and when I'd tell him he needed to do something he'd say YES but then never do it.

One of these things was showering.

Strangely enough I noticed after a few weeks that my dad did not sweat and he didn't smell bad at all. I didn't see how this was possible. Then I noticed even when we were outside in 90 degree weather I was sweating like crazy and he never sweated at all.

Anyway, I always made sure he changed his under clothes every day and would use a wash rag to clean his hair. His not showering never became much of a problem because he did not have any body oder.

After a while the Home Health Occupational Therapist made him take a shower while she was there to prove he could do it. After that he would take a shower occasionally if a man were there to help in case he got into trouble.

He is in a nursing home now and they make him take a shower whether he wants to or not.
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Is he afraid he might fall? My Dad has dementia and that was his issue, plus he had very dry skin and after the bath he would itch,
we remedied that. With dementia, it is so hard, you can't "reason"
with them.
I know you said you tried everything, not sure what you tried but,
what about a bath with cleansing cloths or just a wash cloth with
a "no rinse" body wash? We also found at a website ( dr.leonards)
all kinds of products for elderly skin. no water/bathtub. If you don't
have access to the "web" ask for help at your pharmacy.
We are now having the same issue with our Mom.
Good Luck. keep us informed, we are here for you.
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