My grandma is currently living with my parents. She is 92 years old and could no longer live on her own. With both of my parents working full time they are not able to provide the socialization and care that she needs. The problem is that when we started to explore assisted living or in-home care options we were dejected by the prices. My grandma brings in approximately $3200 per month. She makes too much money to qualify for any assistance programs or subsidies but does not have enough to cover living expenses in a senior facility. Even having a home health care worker visit her daily at her own condo was not an option. We are at a loss on what to do and what our options may be. On top of everything, my aunt has abused her power of attorney status and wiped out any savings my grandma had as well as opening up credit cards and taking out bank loans in her name (all now maxed out and/or defaulted on). The information available out there is overwhelming and I have no idea where to even begin.

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Choices are stark but there are things that can be done.
So I'm assuming that your POS Aunt is no longer DPOA. Whomever is now DPOA needs to realize that grannie is going to need an elder law atty and DPOA has to be willing to go to the mat in dealing with Auntie. I'd suggest as this is pretty complex that gran gets a NAELA level atty.

The easy part is the $ 3200 mo income. Grannie can look to do a Miller Trust. Lots of prior Q&A on Miller on this site. Brew a pot of coffee or open a bottle and read those posts and take notes.

Now the hard part...... About Auntie, she abused her fiduciary duty as DPOA, and grannie or somebody in the family will need to file a police report or APS investigation &/or charges against Auntie. Right now, unless something legally definite is done on Auntie, all that $$$ is going to be viewed as "gifting" and will keep grannie from being eligible for Medicaid. It seems to be that if charges are filed then waiver can be done for all that $ that Auntie stole from her mom.

The DPOA has to be willing to go the nuclear option on Auntie and then let APS or police do their work and let grannies atty set the path on follow through to get grannie into a NH and onto Medicaid.

So to me, the real ? is.... are your folks willing to go nuclear?
If not, then they could ask the atty to have grannie made a ward of the state and a court appointed independent guardian will take over all aspects of grannies life & care.
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