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We need immediate fianical help caring for our parent. Help needs 24 hour caregiver and medicare doesn't provide this and he makes over the. Waiting to hear from veterans he makes too much for medicaid Ssi. He has to have 24 hour care giver

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Google "Miller Trust" and see an eldercare attorney to arrange for one.
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Have you tried Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]? Depending on your State and what programs they offer, they might provide some help during the week. Or train and pay a relative to be a caregiver.

When it comes to 24 hour caregiving, Medicaid would request that your Dad move into a nursing home.... thus, Medicaid would pay for his room/board and care for as long as he is there. Now, if Dad owns a house, Medicaid could place a lien on the house so they can be reimbursed for the funds that were used. Maybe it is time to sell Dad's house [if he is an owner], downsize, and use the equity to bring in caregivers.

Or as you mentioned, wait and see what programs are available through the Veteran Administration.
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