I think she may have brain damage from a fall. So far the antidepressant mirtazapine has helped some at night but they are still there.

rusti, by chance does your Mom wear hearing aids? When my Mom had new hearing aids, she was hearing talk radio... by 5pm the station had faded. Then again the next day the same thing. I was also getting this talk radio on my police scanner, so something was amiss with the transmission.

After getting my Mom's hearing aids adjusted, the talk radio was history.
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It can also be something called “musical ear syndrome”. Not much is known about it, but it’s thought that it’s caused by a “missing link” in the hearing process if that makes sense. The brain will make up for this lapse by creating its own sounds, usually music. Treatment seems to be the use of antidepressants or anti- anxiety meds.

Was she seen in the ER when she fell? If she fell hard enough that you suspect brain damage, she probably should have scans for a diagnoses.
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My Dad complained for years about noise. He never told any health care provider about it. Not until I became involved. I told his doctor about it.

a CAT scan was done, it turned out he had hydrocephalus. Advanced...untreated for years. Beyond the possiblity of a shunt. The damage was huge.

have this checked out. Water on the brain caused by any number of thing (including trama) will cause this.
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