Any insight into this is so much appreciated. My father has decided to stop dialysis, and we are all trying to accept this.

Ask either the nephrologist or PCP for a Hospice referral.
I was a dialysis nurse for many years and have some experience with this. Once dialysis is withheld and hospice is on board in my experience, one passed away in 1-2 weeks, but of course could be longer if the person can still urinate thus excrete toxins and fluid that collects during the dialysis treatments. The longest time I have seen is a month, but this is an exception.
From what my patients families have told me, their loved ones passed quietly and were pain free with hospice as support. Please, please realize the need for hospice to provide all of you and especially the person end of life care.
It’s often more difficult for the family once the patient comes to the point that they are tired of the dialysis process, which can be and often is an arduous procedure three times a week.
I am sorry you and your loved one are at this juncture. But I know the decision to stop dialysis is never made lightly by the patient as they are unfortunately tired of being ill all the time.
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I would second the information that Shane has written. two weeks from stopping dialysis is a good estimate for the length of life expected.
Many patients become so weak and tired that they just can't go on for weeks on end and just decide to do no more. i would never argue with a loved one who made this decision.
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Dear Tasasm,

I know this is hard. My grandmother was 92 years old when she had a heart attack. She was also advised she needed dialysis. This happened towards the end of August by the middle of October she had passed away.

My aunts and uncles thought it would be too much for my grandmother. Also she didn't want any treatment. It is really hard. Hopefully a social worker or family therapist can help ensure this is what the patient truly wants.
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We refused dialysis per my Mum ‘s request and she died peacefully within two weeks. A little less urine output every day...but always some.
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Contact Hospice.
They will help your Father, you and the rest of the family through this process. They will make sure he is comfortable and you all understand what will happen.
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YES! I researched this before my father went onto dialysis.

What happens is the person basically drowns in his/her own fluids. No, it is not painful. They go into a deep sleep and never wake up. That said, I also stopped all Pop's medicines other than pain and memory and it allowed him to pass in 5 days. The usual time frame is about 2 weeks. In 48 hours, Pop remained in his bed and refused foods. He passed very peacefully - I was with him in his final moments.
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Ask for a hospice consult and be present for the evaluation to ask questions. I have dealt with hospice before but not for dialysis. My family ispresently at that point with a loved one who told us , no dialysis. We were present with the doctor about what to expect in the future.
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Report is a good resource for information about this very difficult subject.

From their home page, go to the Patients tab, then choose A to Z Health Guide from the drop down menu, and you'll see a range of Dialysis topics.
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My father past from kidney failure August 6, 2017. He never wanted dialysis, he went into hospice when his kidney function went below 20%. If he didn’t have gout his last days would have been easier. He stayed for a month or two once in hospice it went fast for me still trying to get my head around how quickly and peaceful he left. Hope this helps you on your journey.
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I think people with end-stage renal disease are lucky, if they have lived a good and productive life. They can decide to go at a time of their choice--after Christmas or a special birthday. My mother went into renal failure as a consequence of metastatic liver disease and passed away peacefully at age 80 after ten days. I am now the same age and hope I can be as fortunate.
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