Mom is in a MCU that opened in early 2012. It is part of a CCRC that has been in the community for over a century. It has a locked wing and 13 residents with their own rooms. Mom moved in Aug. 2012. At the time of entrance they had a Memory Care Director, and although she was less than satisfactory, she at least had the appropriate degrees & credentials.

The CCRC in the last 6 months is up for sale as they want to align with a larger facility. The director was let go at this time, as well as the long-time social director, and other positions. Since that time the only oversight is by the MCU assistant who was formerly an Activity Asst. and is a young gal in her early 20's. She reports to Director of Nursing, I believe.

I wondered if this was an unusual situation, as there has never been anyone higher-up than her around the MCU at all, and I have never even met the Director of Nursing as she does not seem to be involved.

I am desperately looking to find another housing situation but have run into problems with my siblings opposing this and finding a place close enough that I can visit easily 2-3 times a week. I am PoA so I am going to do what I have to do, but just wanted to hear other comments about their being no Director.

(Got lots more I can add to my story about my disatisfaction but I'll just pose that question for now :) Thanks!

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Most facilities have a Administrator that oversees the entire facility, then it is divided out among many other players. It is not uncommon for the Activities director to also oversee the memory care unit. Activities is such a major portion of the MCU and the staff direction for the residents that it makes sense for the Act person to head up that section. I have visited many of MCu's and some are really good at what they do and others are not. Visit several before making the decision to move your mom as it (the move) takes a toll on the resident. Good Luck to you.
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