Is it just my state?

I've been having memory problems for a couple of years.

Includes sometimes not recognizing where I am while driving, dicing eggs when I want to make deviled eggs (all kinds of wrong treatment of eggs!), staring at an onion because I didn't know how to cut it, getting lost on familiar trails, leaving eyeglasses on night table when I get up (have worn glasses all my life and never done this), not being able to make sense of numbers on clock when I wake up at night (not recognizing it as a clock, I guess), Saying the wrong words..

example: someone sees a bird in a bush and I said "a bird in the bush is worth 2 in the head". It makes some convoluted sense, sure, but it NOT the right phrase. (don't feel bad for laughing because we all did)

I get close to, but do not use the right words all the time.

So...being told by a counselor that these are not normal aging things, I went to a neurologist.

I had the Montreal test, and got a normal score with the memory questions being the ones I missed. They gave me hints on 2 or 3 words (had taken this online several times and was familiar with it) Dr. said he thought my problem is depression due to dysfunctional family Chaos surrounding the care of my aging parents.

Dr. ordered a brain MRI and it was normal.

Dr. also ordered the extensive dementia testing with neuropsychiatrist.

I am waiting for 9 months for this appointment and am on a cancellations list but have not heard from them so far.

I was ready to blow this off as, yes, depression, but keep having memory problems when I am feeling good. I was blaming my husband for leaving cupboard doors open...and it took a good month to realize it was ME.

I am feeling much better this year because I switched meds, but still memory issues.

So is the long wait to see the experts something that is widespread across the U.S.? I had also called a university memory clinic. They told me I was too young for their program, and even with a doctor's referral it would be a 6 month wait.

I just want to get this testing over with. It is no wonder people don't get diagnosed early if they can't get in to get tested for a year. And next May will be a year since I first asked for an appointment with anyone.

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Thanks to all.

I do keep a diary. Opinions of drs are mixed whether this is stress/depression or the start of something.

We are getting ready to do an estate type will and I am clear & have talked to husband about my wishes, what to do, where to live, etc if I develop a problem. I've been around a lot of people in poor health, several with dementia and have seen the difficulties it causes families.

Luckily, I am not currently working. But these problems have affected my life anyway.

It really just seem to be the lack of doctors here that will do the big long neuropsych test. I'm on a waiting list, but when things settle down here, I am going to call them anyway and check again.

Sorry for the short answers ...was out of town with one of my parents dying & we still have funeral family chaos to get thru.
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Just to add with the wait, if you get a diagnosis then what? If you go on meds they are there to slow the process but will not bring things fully to normal. You and your spouse might want to attend dementia support groups. The folks there can offer a lot of coping skills
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Stress is a big factor when it comes to memory. My husband is always telling me "I am worried about you". 😊I think its because at 65 I babysat my infant Gson for 18 months 5x a week right into my Mom, with Dementia, coming to live with me 24/7. TG I had my DH but there was only so much he could do. No family near by to give us a break. Even after placing her in an AL I had things for her I had to do. The house was the biggest pain and still is. And she has pasted. I also have a disabled nephew I oversee. Just too much I have to remember. Things are starting to wind down so hoping that is the problem.
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We are in the US, near a major university, and had to wait 3 months for the appointment for my Mom, and then only because we were willing to take an inconvenient time, otherwise it would have been 4 months. I am sorry it is such a long wait for you - I expect it is supply/demand. You can ask to be put on a cancellation list - maybe something will pop up earlier for you.

Best wishes, and I am impressed with your desire to get this investigated, rather than ignoring it.
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I’d suggest you keep all appointments even if they are months out.

Really there just not enough geriatric internists or specialists, I got my mom to be seen within days as she had torn her rotor cuff and the orthopedic surgeon would not do surgery on her unless she had cleared a geriatric review for being cognitive and competent for dealing with post surgery rehab. She got a priority appointment cause of surgery Pending by his request. Otherwise it likely would be 9 mos out.

if your not keeping a diary of things, please try to. It will be helpful as I’d bet there are patterns are forming. My mom was Lewy Body Dementia and on retrospect she really had all the classic symptoms.

I’m wondering if maybe your having aphasia starting rather than Alzheimer’s or Lewy. Aphasia really affects language skills. If your job is real visual or sensory - like your a hair stylist, graphic designer- or you’ve had the same job forever (like you’ve taught 3rd grade 20+ years, so you have a system in place) it might not be apparent that aphasia is creeping in. As you can work almost on autopilot. I have a decades long BFF who has primary progressive aphasia & got finally diagnosed at 60. She noticed things were going amiss & more than stress related missives. It’s very different than my mom’s Lewy Dementia was. I’d see her every 3-6 months for a few days past 20+ years and I could notice the change obviously really just last 2 years or so; but if you just ran into her and had the usual 3 min casual conversation you didn’t notice it.
Google aphasia and see if it fits some of your episodes.
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A lot has to do with where you live and how many specialists are in your area. If there is another nearby, why not make an appointment at the other office as well and if you get in early, just cancel the other.

IF you are worried about your mental capacity, perhaps you should also see an elder law attorney now to begin to set up a contract with someone to be your POA or guardian in the future (husband or other) Your lawyer can explain it to you how to protect assets for your husband if you need a nursing home in the future.
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