Are Alzheimer's and dementia different or the same? 18 months ago my mother's primary care doctor did an MRI scan of my mothers head because of bad daily headaches. Well the test didn't come back with any results for the headaches, but the doctor said that she had early signs of dementia!?

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I used to suffer from frequent headaches, when I researched what could be the cause I found that magnesium deficiency was likely the culprit, I had seen a multitude of doctors, including a neurologist who wanted me to take 6 different meds 3xs daily. I would not have even known if I had a head with all the side effects.

I bought a magnesium glyconate (sic?) at the local pharmacy and my life has not been the same.

You will get told that you will have magnesium toxicity and other scare factors, if your body doesn't have enough and it uses what you take the odds of a problem are very slim. It processes excess through the bowels, so you will know if she is getting to much. When I stressed I need to take 1600mg but daily anywhere from 200 to 800mg.

I would start low and add a pill until she feels better or has loose bm. It can't hurt and it might even help.

Look up the benefits of a good supplement of magnesium, you might find yourself taking it.

I hope that you find something that helps, daily headaches are life sucking. God bless you both.
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thank you so much for your concern, and your answers, yes mom has gotten a little worst with her disorientation and I do believe she does have dementia but i would like to get a solid diagnosis and try to get her as much help as possible with it. the past 3 primary care doctors i have taken her to have been totally dismissive. and as far as her headaches they are still there everyday.
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Has Mom displayed any of the symptoms of dementia? Is she forgetful? Confused? Paranoid? Making poor decisions that she wouldn't have made a few years ago? In the 18 months since the MRI have any symptoms gotten worse?

A geriatric psychiatrist or a behavioral neurologist should be able to diagnose dementia. Dementia is a general term for progressive diseases of the brain. Alzheimer's is the most common and best known form of dementia. Others include Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia, FTD, and about 50 other less common forms.

An MRI scan alone is not usually sufficient to diagnose early-stage dementia. And dementia can be present in the brain a long time before symptoms appear.

Did Mom get her headaches resolved? How is she in general?
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deedee12345 Oct 2018
thank you for your concern and the answers, mom has gotten worse with her disorientation and short memory, i'm just trying to find a doctor who will give me a real diagnosis and start her on some kind of plan that will help her through the disease. unfortunatly she also has very bad copd she is on constant oxygen at 3 on her oxygen concentrator,she also has moderate rheumatoid artharitis that they can't treat because of her already compromised immune system,and yes she still has her terrible headaches everyday
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