My parents were married 70 years at the time of her passing 5 months ago. How do I help Dad with the grieving process? He has dementia and is in memory care. It seems he dreams and then has trouble with reality.

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Could you say she is checking on another relative? One out of state, perhaps.
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I agree with JoAnn, if he was told already leave it alone.

His brain is broken and he can't process normal emotions and thoughts. Does this bother you because you want him to grieve with you?

If he asks for her, divert with answers that help him understand in the moment that she is unavailable. She's out right now dad. Then talk about something that he can enjoy and engage in.

I am sorry for the loss of your mom and the dad you knew.

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Looks like you got lost in the shuffle.

Your Dad may be past the grieving process. Was he told Mom passed at the time. Then thats enough. If he asks about her, say she went to the store. Continuing to tell him will just start the grieving process again.
My Moms dreams, TV, and reality were all and the same. I came home from running an errand and she told me the doctor wanted to talk to me. She was watching Diagnosis Murder. The doctor was Dick Vandyke.
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