Currently in rehab nursing for an earlier hospitalization. Will not let kids or any family take over helping with estate. Losing money online trading, real estate not being taken care of, rental properties not being cared for, quickly headed for bankruptcy yet will not take help.

Is there a way to step in and avoid the looming crisis.

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You can lose your shirt in real estate and rentals, but it would take a bit longer.
But day trading is really scary - you can lose a lot in minutes.
If you are sincere in knowing she is impaired and you are going to see a judge, I would do that ASAP, in the meantime, I would not be surprised if her internet connection became "impaired" online = no online trading.

I have to say, she is a cool lady to be in the world of online trading.
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Someone will need to file for guardianship or conservatorship of mom. DPOA just flat won't cut it. G/C are very specific legal process done before a judge usually in probate court. It is not a DIY prospect. A good elder law office will have names of atty who do G/C if they do not do that practice area.

You can also go online to your county courthouse records to scan through the filings from probate court. Most counties have download of documents online for nominal fee. What is helpful for you is that when you look at a filing (you are just looking at past filings & NOT actually buying anything, ok), there will appear the date of the filing and the law firm who did it. Most places there are really just a few guys who do the majority of the G/C work in your area. Those are the ones you call to discuss a appointment with regarding your filing to become the G/C on your mom as they have the experience and know how the judges run their courtroom.

This site has upper right side a Money & Legal section, within it are the POA & guardianship ?. Go into that to see what others have faced & dealt with. Your story is sadly quite common. Good luck!
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Book an appointment with an elder law attorney asap. Anyone the appointed medical poa since she is already in rehab? Who is her attorney. Gather all the information you can and get real legal advice that pertains to the estate, elder laws of the state in which she lives.
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