He was put on amiodarone (Cordarone) to regulate his heart rhythm. He has coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes , moderate to severe dementia (but he knows his family and friends and remembers his past) and is recovering from a large stroke that has left him paralyzed left side and totally dependent for ADLs. Due to swallowing difficulties he lost weight so put him on remeron to increase his appetite. Seems to have helped. Eating well and finally gained 10 lbs since starting Amiodarone (right, not Remeron) and being given double portions. His new cardiologist doesn't seem engaged - has chastised me for asking too many questions and said "well he Probably has a 0% chance of living 5 years". Have moved him to our town so we can be more involved in his care. But we had to leave all his doctors behind. Trouble finding new doctors they don't seem to care about him because he has dementia and is nearing end of life. I worry constantly and don't trust doctors...especially hospital doctors, which this cardiologist is. Should I move him back to his home so he can see his own doctors?
This would mean we would have to trust all the caretakers we would have to hire to take care of him. We couldn't be there to watch every day.

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Amiodarone almost killed my mom. Yes, there are all sorts of problems with it. Find a Cardiologist that is well versed in the newer medications for regularing heart rhythm. The one you have is useless -- you should have recognized that the second he told you that you were asking too many questions! What a quack! I bet he's really old; my mom's was, and when we switched to the new Cardiologist, he even said no one uses that anymore, because of all the problems with that medication. It was a great option 15 years ago, but not today.
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