If the person you've cared for was on Aricept: Did you notice any improvement?
And how long did the improvement last? How long did they stay on / or have been on Aricept?

And do you think it's worth the money or the bother to keep giving it, long term, once they are in the more advanced stages? (after years of use) And even does it really does slow the progression long term, is it a kindness to extend their misery. So what your opinion of stopping it, for an advanced stage patients, who, while not on deaths door, are essentially just waiting for the end. (example: can't walk, incontinent, too confused to recognize loved ones, no enjoyment of anything, doesn't want to even eat, doesn't even bother to look at surroundings, unless told) ?

I'm beginning to think we are only giving this drug because we just want to DO something, anything to help.

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Like any medication, it works well for some and not for others. A very personal decision. Stopping these meds can lead to some very bad reactions where 911 has to be called. Comfort comes first.
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