Dad has heart failure, what do I ask the hospice evaluation nurse today?


This last hospital visit has kicked his butt. We want him to continue doing what he enjoys as long as he can. What do I ask the hospice evaluation nurse today?

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Thanks everyone. The visit went well and he was admitted into the Hospice program based on the heart failure. Once a week nurse and 2-3 times a month case manager to determine his needs as they change. This gives my sister and I some additional time to make arrangements in GA. Now to nderstand Medicare and Medicaid changes from FL to GA.🙄. I hear he needs to live in GA 90 days to apply?
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How wonderful of you to be getting hospice involved for your dad. Remember, even if for some reason he does not qualify for hospice-he does qualify for Palliative Care. Palliative Care is for anyone (regardless of the prognosis for the length of life) who has a chronic serious illness. Frequently, hospice physicians and nurses also care for palliative care patients.
Anyway, here is a great resource for questions from
Just copy and paste the link and it gives you a list of detailed questions.
I agree with JoAnn, the first visit is for the RN to make the eval. But get what ever info you feel you need.
Best of Luck
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First let her evaluate and only speak if she asks you a question. She is there to find out if he qualifies for Hospice Care. She may tell you her findings she may not. If he qualifies, another nurse will admit him. She will probably be the one to ask any questions or concerns you may have. At that time you should be told how often an RN will visit. Take advantage of a CNA. They will bath him and maybe able to give you an hour or two to yourself. Don't expect them to do for you, like run the sweeper or wash dishes. They r there for the patient. If he uses diapers, they will order them and anything else for his personal care. You can always call them once he is excepted. With heart failure they Can't predict when he will pass. There will be signs when the time gets closer and the nurse will be able to tell you then. Don't be surprised if he goes in his sleep. Or when you leave his side for a minute.
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