Surely there's implications with slowness of healing? Bones get brittle when you age and take 3 times the time to heal.

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Jeannegibbs is correct, it is not easy. First you have to convince him that the good idea was all his and give him credit for it. I made the mistake of putting Lite Salt at dad's dinner plate and he growled "What the H*ll is this? If I wanted this I would have asked for it." My father was a bourbon and soda man.
So one week at dinner we offered him a bloody mary. BINGO! it was made with V8, fresh lemon juice and a tall stalk of celery. He even ate the celery. I guess sometimes you have to think outside the box.
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I am a stubborn 70 YO. Good luck trying to get me to change my diet! Here is what it would take:

1) Conclusive evidence that the changes you are proposing would actually benefit me, and in what way. Articles from qualified experts would help. Rants and woo-hoo from zealots would not.

2) Information on ways to change my poor diet without costing a fortune in money or time.

3) Recipes and ideas that taste good.

4) Respect. If you treat me like a child, don't bother to even show up.

5) Small steps. Don't expect a total makeover at once. If together we can improve one aspect of my diet, consider that success.

Remember, helping a little ol' lady across the street is only a good deed if the little ol' lady actually wanted to cross the street.

First convince me that this would be a good thing.
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