What are some good suggestions about communicating with loved ones with Alzheimer's?


Many of us struggle with how to visit/communicate/spent time with our LO who has a dementia related disorder. My own mother has Alzheimer's and hasn't recognized me for a while now. She is no longer able to carry on a conversation. A couple of months ago I noticed her nails were long, jagged, and sadly in need of care. The NH does not take care of this much so I brought the things needed to clip, file and buff them. I realized after I started that she was loving it. Ever since then, about once a week I do her nails. I made me a bag with Emory boards, clippers, clear and colored polishes, hand cream,etc. I also take along some lip balm. She holds her hands still while the polish dries (I only do one coat). We don't chat much but through this we communicate by touch. What ways do you communicate with your LO when talking is no longer an option?

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Granjan, I found this article here on Aging Care that will be helpful.

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