My husband has dementia, pretty advanced. He can eat and chew yet but he drools so much all the time. I have a towel by his neck to catch the saliva and his skin condition is good. Any help?

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Scopolamine is the name of the medication. It's been prescribed to patients that have had a CVA to control drooling in my case. Please call his PCP and ask if this is appropriate and he will give you a prescription. 
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My mother drooled a lot toward the end. I asked her nursing home if something could be done. They replied that it din't seem to bother Mom and there was no medical reason to treat it. It was a cosmetic problem that might bother some other people, but not her. That really put it into a new perspective for me.

My husband drooled a lot, and it did bother him. He always had a "spit bowl" with him as well as a box of tissue. Toward the end his hospice nurse noticed how uncomfortable he was with the drooling and she suggested a med whose side effect was dry mouth -- namely the behind-the-ear patch used to prevent motion sickness. It worked pretty good. I wouldn't try this without discussing it with a doctor. On hospice a lot of medication concerns just don't apply, but would for longer-term use.

It sounds like you are coping well. Does this drooling bother him?
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