Can anyone tell me is this common in the final stage of Alzheimer's?


Mom has been in a Care Center (Nursing Home) the past 5 years as she was becoming physical. My mom has had Alzheimers and dementia for 6 years. and i could no longer take care of her. They worked well with her and actually got her calmed down and she had her own separate room in the Center. In her own mind she does not realize it is a nursing home and thought she was in an Apartment Complex. About 2 months ago she fell at night getting out of bed. They discovered she had a UTI and put her on meds for it. However, in the past 6 weeks she has fallen 2 more times and the last time was during the day. Her doctor wanted her moved closer to the nurses station to keep an eye on her. Also, along with this she has a cataract and her vision is poor. Now she has a roomate which she hates. My mom is not sociable with others and loved her old room. And now they are saying that she is progressing. Her mental state is much more erratic, she hates being moved and being watched by the nurses so she doesnt fall again. She does not even remember ever falling. Now she is back to her former self and getting nasty with them again like she used to be.
Can anyone tell me is this common in the final stage of Alzheimers (it has been about 6-7 years she has had it) and what can I expect as she progresses with this? Is there anything they can do to calm her down again?

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For repeated falls, the facility can lower the bed all the way and place a soft mat next to the bed. That way she cannot get UP to fall down. Medications may help her nastiness, but may also make her sleepy. Talk to the Head Nurse about possible meds. Alzheimer's of course does progress, there is no way around that. At least she still knows who you are.
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My mother is in the final stages of Alzheimers. She sleeps most of the day, cannot verbalize unless angered, is not able to swallow her food much and sips from a straw for liquids. It has been a long go for us.....her symptoms begin in earnest in the late 2000's. After she became a danger to herself and to our household, we placed her in an Alzheimer unit. Where she used to be somewhat nasty, she became the love of the nurses for her fun loving personality my sis and I just stared in disbelief! But over the years (since 2011, she has declined to the level I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

My point is that Alzheimers can not be held to a set schedule. It progresses and steals one part of the brain and then might move on to another part/ability. In my mind, I thought Mom would pass "soon" from what the medical staff said, several times before I started reading up and observing closer.

Hopefully the home can get your mom settled down again and she can go on enjoying things in her life at the home. I suspect you have a long road ahead yet. ...My opinion only .
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I might have them check to see if she still has the UTI and evaluate what medications could be causing her change in mental status. I think that is always supposed to be reported. Also, is she on any medications for anxiety? I'd ask the doctor about that. If she's agitated and aggressive, she may need something to help with her peace of mind. Meds really helped my loved one.

I'm afraid that dementia progression is quite unpredictable and I have learned to expect anything. Some days are better than others. My cousin's abilities seem to vary by the week, though she has Vascular Dementia mixed with Alzheimers. She progressed very quickly.

You might ask her doctor or the staff about whether an alarm on her wheelchair and bed would be helpful. It goes off if she gets out of the chair or bed. That way, they can go to her if she gets up. And see if this can cut down on her falls.
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