What does the coconut oil do for your skin?


I'm going to turn my Mom on to it to see if it helps with her little minute memory issues. This isn't a real care-giver question, but I was wondering about this since someone mentioned it for skin. We all are trying to battle the age thing...LOL

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Wow, now who would of thought of that one! I take a B complex pill each day along with Centrum and a slew of other vitamins. I will try my Pantene conditioner and see what happens. I have a vice of going tanning in the tan salon bigtime! It feels good and I look really nice with the color, says a lot of people. However, we do know that any type of tanning can cause our skin to dry out a pinch if we don't stay on top of it. I was using an antiwrinkle cream, but found that I was getting a bag under my left side.....Don't know why that happened since I was using the cream for a long time then it just started to do that after I started tanning........hmmm. Thank you for your response!
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Best thing for skin is a good hair conditioner, believe it or not. The panthenol (provitamin B5) removes wrinkles.
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