My grandmother is impossible to comunícate with verbally. She'd like us to learn Sign language but I don't know where to start. We live in marble falls texas. Thanks

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If videos will suffice, check out Bill Vicars video series on American Sign Language on YouTube. Our family has used these videos to learn sign language after mum lost her hearing.
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traestanley, there are some basic sign language that the whole family can learn. As Garden Artist had pointed out above, learn from the video. Learn a couple new words each day.

Another things you can do that might be easier, use a white board to write communications to your Grandmother. Then Grandmother can write back to you on the white board.

Grandmother would need to have fairly good eyesight for either sign language or to read written communication.

Let us know how this works out.
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This is an interesting question; I've never seen one like it on this forum.

Does your mother sign now, or does she want to learn along with you?

I would think the first step would be to contact Texas organizations for the deaf; they may teach it, or could recommend classes for it.

Just out of curiosity, I googled "learning sign language". The first hit was a site with a video for some basic 100 signs.

The second site is much better: it's the American Sign Language University, and it has videos as well as a lot of information on learning to sign.

If I post links to these sites, the filters will delete portions of the links, so google "learning to sign" as I did and go from there.
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