I was very lucky to receive Hearing Aids from the Vets., but now I am wondering if they have been updated, I am having a hard time comprehending. When I go to my local Veterans, he sits across the room and ask me if I can hear him, naturally I say Yes and he says your fine and that's the end of it. Just wondering I have Phonak Video.
Thank you

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Jack, when did you get your hearing aids? (What year?)

To get accurate information, you should call your local VA office and ask to speak to someone in the hearing (probably called "Audiology") department. They can tell you whether or not you're eligible for updated ones.
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I don't wear hearing aids - however - the 82yr old gentleman that I take care of does. He also has mild dementia so it is hard for me to know if his hearing aids are not working or he didn't understand what I asked. I took him for a visit to his audiologist and she cleaned them. He heard fine for a while. Taking them to be cleaned cost $20.00 and he is without them until I can get back to pick them up. A person I know familiar with hearing aids told me there was a cleaner box I could purchase - cost $100.00. He puts his hearing aids in at night and takes them out in the morning - NO MORE PROBLEM HEARING - YIPPEE! I do have to purchase supplies about every couple months but that is cinch compared to running to the Dr. all the time.Good Luck
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