What would be the cause of the ongoing urinary tract infection in an elderly female?

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UTI infections are common in the elderly. It could be that they don't empty their bladders well. The vaginal infections could come from poor wiping practices.

These and the coughing should be looked at by a doctor. Asthma and other lung diseases can cause coughing and can be treated. She may need a chest x-ray.

It sound like it's time for another trip to the doctor.
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My mom's doc ALWAYS put her on diflucan along with the antibiotic.

Also, gynecologist recommended a probiotic call Rephresh ( something abot pH in the vagina).
Oh dear.

There was a flurry of medical articles a while back about overdiagnosis of uti's in older people, and ineffectual treatment of same. The concerns are a) not treating patients effectively and b) antibiotic resistance. So there will be a current crop of doctors actively trying to avoid reaching for the px pad at the drop of a hat, which is actually good practice - many many antibiotic prescriptions for uti's prove to be a complete waste of time, money and unpleasant side effects (often leading to reinfection, ironically) for the patient. But that is *no* excuse for failing to investigate, and no excuse for not dealing courteously with your concern for your sister.

Try not to get upset with your sister's doctor. Try not to be upset with him even if he is being rude and apparently idle. He was probably angry in part because he is anxious that he ought to have checked her out three weeks ago and worried he could have got it wrong. Or he might just be annoyed at your persistence, but without having the good sense or patience to explain his thinking to you.

The thing is, if it's a low grade chronic infection it could quite easily grumble on in the background, not doing much - but your problem there is that these are very hard to get rid of completely. The sort of infection the doctor is talking about is much more aggressive and would have snaked up to her kidneys by now, making her yes very ill, perhaps that's what he was getting at. I suspect you're talking at cross purposes, about different types of illness, to some extent.
No, you didn't, Send - there's a lady whose sister has a ? uti causing confusion, whose doctor was deeply unhelpful about it - five posts back or so.
Additionally if your loved one thinks they have a sudden cold or flu with abundance of congestion in their throat...
This was a result of blood poisoning and a red line up the leg
Great educational reading these comments. a very good website as the uti are very serious, personally if you have a too hogh acid diet contributes to many health concerns having alkali type Foods helps to balance, use probiotics, particular green teas for the bladder simple parsley tea, cranberry pills, avoid sugar
My grandmother also had UTI's very frequently. They finally diagonosed her with blood cancer. Apprently UTI's can be a sign of certain types of blood cancer. You might want to ask your doctor if this could be a possibility.
My mom has been treated for a UTI for about 3 weeks. Admitted into the hospital last week for two days of IV antibiotics. She still has the UTI. I think this is the 3rd round of different antibiotics. Why would these antibiotics not be working and what can I do? Thanks!
My mother-in-law had constant UTI's for years and years. When I began as her caregiver over 6 years ago, she was on a maintenance antibiotic for it. I took her to several urologists as I was determined to get her off the maintenance antibiotic and find out the root of the problem. After bladder lift surgery, different treatments and methods, it was never discovered. She eventually became incontinent - which would make you think since the urine can't be held in - the infections would go away. But they didn't. I was told by these specialists that this just happens with some people sometimes that they can't figure out what is causing the constant infection and there is nothing further that could be done but keep her on the maintenance antibiotic to keep the infection down and then treat it aggressively when it flares up. They would send her urine out to the lab to see what antibiotics would work on it. She eventually built up a resistance to the antiobiotics and unfortunately none worked anymore. But unfortunately UTI's are common in the elderly. Usually all you can do is treat it when it happens.
My wife appears to have A UTI her urine is very odoriferous and cloudy
I am afraid to tell her ( she has a very short tempter and is very irritable and sometimes seems to act like she is having her period ( she is 71 so that is not the reason for that ) If I do it will start an argument. I am between a rock and a hard place

She accuses me of doing things I don't do and is always looking to start a fight

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