Any caregivers of a live-in parent with Alzheimer's?

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Are there any caregivers of their live-in parent here? If so, I'd love to speak with someone as I'm in the same boat. Thanks!

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I am living with my Mom who is at stage 5 Alzheimer's Desease. Overall, I'm making it OK but then there are "those" days. You know the ones that make you really doubt whether or not the decision to be full time caregiver was the right thing to do.

Welcome to the message forum and come here often to ask questions, look for help, comfort or just to vent. I could not have even begun this journey without the encouragement and understanding I have found here.
My mom had dementia which is a form of Alzheimer's. She passed away July 27th but I can totally relate to what you are dealing with. Mom lived with me and my family for 6 years. There were the days of total confusion and days of frustration and some glimpses of the mom I used to know. Its not an easy road but I would not have done anything differently. I also found this website and got much support and advice. Hang in there and we will be here for you!
Hello AnneShirley, I also have my mom at my house and she is stage 7. I can help you, been through it all, just send me a message. If you send a hug/private message I will get it sooner. I JUST got this message and its 4 days old, Hang in there, send me some questions. Hello to OneMoreDay also !!!!!
My mom lives with me as well. She has mild/moderate Alzheimer's and moved in with us about 8 months ago. How long has your Mom lived with you? What stage is she at? I hope you're doing well!
Hello. I moved back home with my Mom and Dad, eight years ago. Dad had vascular dementia and has since passed. Mom has Alzheimer's and is still going, ten years after her diagnosis.

There are three of us. We all do as much as we can to assist Mom in these last days. On the whole, she is very good to deal with. We do have our days, though. Can't say I'd do anything any different.

The love Mom gets (and gives) is amazing.
my father lives with my husband & I. He has alzheimers - I think stage 6. It has been 6 1/2 years and it definetly is stressful. Some days better than others. I have 2 brothers that don't help much at all. They take him one week a YEAR. This site has been very helpful to me. Good luck - unless you are a caregiver you have no idea how hard it is.
I've had my mother here for 3 1/2 years. Seems like 300...
I have my mother home with me for the last 8 years she was diagnosed in 2005. Like everyone else here, there have been good days and bad days. I do the best I can.
Yup, 10 years for me, the last 5 24/7. Hardest road you'll ever be on.
I just moved my parents in,, we knew it was comming but not how bad dad was. Mom is still pretty sharp, but ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and CHF. she is depressed and dad is sometimes angry about not "going home" They cannot live in their house alone anymore (stairs, wtc) and we have room, but it;s been a real learning curve. We have a part time companion, but I am still stresses alot! I am so glad I found this site.

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