Can you help me with an abbreviation?


The instruction says:

"Right hip xray f DX increased pain"

Does it mean I have to X-ray the right hip to diagnose increased pain?

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Yes, it means: xray the right hip for a diagnosis because the person is having increased pain.

When I was in school (a hundred years ago) we had to learn all of the medical abbreviations and to this day I still use them when I'm jotting down notes or in a hurry.
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If the order is written while the person is being seen by the doctor; then the doctor usually wants the x-ray done while the patient is in the doctor's office. If the order is written at the end of the doctor’s visit and is part of the patient's discharge orders, then it means what JoAnn stated “you need an x-ray because u have complained about increased pain” the right hip joint (and the doctor needs to get an x-ray of that right hip to determine the cause of the increased pain or to look for possible bone fracture.)
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No, think it means you need an xray because u have complained about increased pain.
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