My sister just went into the hospital after falling and somehow breaking both of her ankles. She lives in squalor. She has been known to take drugs and is suspected to be hiding a drinking habit. There is a history of dementia and alzheimers in the family so along with her physical state is the question of her mental state.

An evaluation is needed and her stay in the hospital would be the perfect time for it but can I request it on her behalf or anonymously?

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Truthfully, I don't care at all for my sister. She is and always will be a drain on my parents. The house that she has turned into a large scale dumpster is owned by my parents. They are paid $400 dollars a month by the city for her rent. Her last months bills came to $412. My parents go into the hole every month and owning that property is one of the major hurtles to getting my mother on medicaid and into a nursing home. My sister is hurting herself and our parents and nobody wants to admit it.
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Ahmijoy Sep 8, 2018
Oh. Um. Ok. Sorry. Then, in that case, you won’t care if she pitches a fit at all these tests. It’s still prime time to have it done. And you should still be very frank about her living conditions. If you inform the staff of her living conditions and they send her back knowing she has no one to take care of her, they might be liable for putting her at risk. Even if they can clean her up inside and out, she’d still be at risk. Can you or your parents call some place like 1-800-gotjunk and do a trash out? She’s a renter so really has no rights. APS might help too.
I would think that most people who need a mental evaluation are not capable of giving consent. It sounds like your sister is not. This would be a prime opportunity to have her assessed. Speak very frankly with the attending doctor, her nurses and the social worker. Explain in great detail to them what you suspect and what you have observed. She will most likely need blood draws to figure out what she has in her system involving alcohol and/or drugs. Speak with the social worker and share with her/him that sister is not able to care for herself in her home and why. Don’t feel guilty and feel like you need to hide or be anonymous because you feel the need to do this. You’re doing it because you care about your sister. Good luck. Keep us updated.
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dlpandjep Sep 9, 2018
We are so blessed by your no-nonsense, practical wisdom!
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