Mother was in a one-bedroom assisted living apartment. Facility is saying she has to be moved to a Memory Care locked facility due to her diagnosis. We're in San Diego, California. Is this true?

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ALs are just that they assist. I just read the symtoms of LB. One is aggressiveness. And meds don't always help. Your Mom is past the care that an AL can give. MCs are lock down for the residents safety. Dementia patients no longer can reason. They are like children and as such need to be watched and kept safe. An AL is not designed for this.
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Do you know what in particular has brought this on? Some people do need Memory Care because their needs are much more than what a regular AL can manage. Has she wandered? My LO's doctor signed an order for her to transfer to a Secure MC, due to wandering. I have toured quite a few Memory Care units and I haven't seen any that are not secure in my state. But, there could be some in CA. I'm not familiar with those in that state.

Has she had a needs assessment done lately? This would help as it would provide an honest look at what she really needs. I'd inquire from the facility if they have done one and you can review it with them. If you speak with the director of a Memory Care facility, they should be able to explain what they do and why people who are progressing with dementia often require this type of facility.
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The truth is that most ALs are not equipped to handle people with dementia of any kind, they just don't have the staff to deal with behavioural issues such as chasing people down to eat or toilet or bathe and to prevent wandering. I give kudos to the AL for being upfront with you that they can not look after your mother - I know of a facility in my region where $$ come before safety and staff are in tears because they can not do what family expects and management has promised.
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You don’t agree with this diagnoses? I don’t believe this diagnoses would be state specific; more like specific to the resident’s needs and behavior, out of concern for their safety. No two people with any form of dementia act the same. Mom must be acting in a way that leads them to believe she is a “flight risk” so to speak. My mother was moved to a locked unit after she tried to leave and then (twice) cut off the ankle monitor she was wearing.

You always have the right to call a Care Conference. You should meet with everyone who has contact with your mother, from the Director of Nursing to the dietician to the therapists. Write down your questions and don’t leave until you are crystal clear on what their plans are for her and their reasons.
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