I live with my grandma, mom, brother and sister. But my uncles, one of them is power of attorney, wants to send my 94 yr old grandma to nursing home because she is impaired. Sometimes she forgets small things and has trouble reaching to get stuff. But myself, mom and siblings who are all older than 25 live with her and help out. Will he able to go to court and get acceptance from judge to send her to nursing home? We live in Illinois.

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Chigirl, a nursing home will only accept a new patient if they deem that the person actually needs a nursing home or assisted living to start with.

Does your Grandmother have Alzhimer's/Dementia? This disease only gets worse with time. Maybe her sons believe sooner is better. That way their Mom can still find her way around the facility, get to know the Staff, and be able to make new friends from her own generation.

Is your Mom, sister and brother home all day to help with your Grandmother? If not, do they work or go to college, and your Mom is there with her Mom all day long. Caregiving is exhausting work, that is why assisted living and nursing homes have three 8-hour shifts. Can your Mother afford to be not working herself?

Being one of your Grandmother's sons has Power of Attorney, he can do what ever he feels is necessary for the care of his Mother. He doesn't need to go to Court. Sounds like the sons are all in agreement.
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