I was told I could be paid to do what I do. Helping with dressing , cleaning , cooking ect.. I dont know who to go to. He is disabled.

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Oakeyihde, sorry Medicare does not pay for routine caregiving.

You can check with Medicaid [different from Medicare] to see if the person you are caring for can apply and be accepted. Each State is different on what Medicaid programs they offer. And if your State goes have a wage program, the pay could be minimal with limited hours being paid. Too bad the wage isn't better, but that would mean raising taxes as Medicaid is funded by the taxpayers.
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Call the Area Agency on Aging. They will tell you if there are any programs in your area available. No all states have these programs. And, if there is a program, it will only pay about $12.00 an hour a few hours a week.
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