Can I get financial compensation caring for my blind aging parent requiring 24/7 assistance while living home with dignity?


My mother gets social security to pay taxes and mortgage, However, she is blind and cannot drive shop or clean or cook due to impaired vision. she requires assistance with hygiene and other simple ADL tasks. She still has some independence. She needs 24/7 help. IU am her daughter and a skilled Therapist and a past CNA. I had to quit my job due to her failing health so I can attend to her daily needs.

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Tammy, vast majority of grown children do not get paid for caring for their parent(s) unless the parent can pay that child via their own retirement fund.

My gosh, 24 hours a day [168 hours per week], that is working 3-full shifts caring for your Mom. You will crash and burn really quick doing that. Then what? What would happen to your Mom if you are no longer around as 30%-40% of caregivers doing what you are doing pass on leaving behind their loved one.

Unless you are independently wealthy, do you have enough to retire on? Then what will happen? You would be so exhausted from caring for your Mom, so stressed out that you will develop health issues, would you be able to get back into the working world? Probably very slim.

If Mom is easy to work with right now, then be home with her. But when you find you are only getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep [if that], it will be time to make a major change. If Mom can afford to do so, bring in another caregiver for evenings. Whatever you do, do not use your own savings. Also see if your Mom can qualify for Medicaid.... keep that on the back burner for when she needs another level of care that you just cannot provide, and money is no longer there to help.
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You will not get 24/7 pay. First she would have to be on Medicaid, and second, she only gets as many hours as the care manager approves.
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