Can I get compensation payments from state? Who do I contact?


I'm retired and take complete care of disabled wife, she is certified.

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Wolfman, vast majority of people do not get paid for caring for their loved one. You could contact your State's Medicaid office and see if your wife can quality for Medicaid. Medicaid could send someone over to your home to help you out a couple hours a week.

Some States have a "Cash and Counseling" program, so check and see if your State is one of them. Programs are constantly changing depending on State budgets.

Also contact your county agency on aging for programs such as Case Management, Meals on Wheels, Adult Day Care, housing, care referrals, etc,... go to the website link below.... click on your State.... now click on the city/county.

And please come back to the forums if you have any Caregiving questions, we would be more than happy to share our experiences with you, and give you ideas on what
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Does your wife have an attorney? Who has POA? When my hubby & I took care of our neighbor for 10 years who had dementia, we billed the attorney for mostly supplies and were reimbursed. we billed for only extraordinary time put in because we were in her will. If you're her POA, I would think you can bill and pay yourself, as long as the pay is reasonable and you keep regular records. Weekly records should be enough.
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