My parent passed away and was in a nursing home with approved Medicaid. I had a joint account with them with a small balance. I need to close the account for my financial record. My sibling is the representative of the estate and has already distributed estate funds. My sibling and I have no communication. Can I close the bank account myself?

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You're a joint owner on the account? Then the account and the money in it at the time of your parent's death belongs to you. It is not part of the estate and you can do what you want with it. You may need a death certificate to close it; that depends on the bank's practices.
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Yes, and the banks here require it.  I had to close our joint accounts and open my own when my first husband died.  Sorry for your loss.
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Actually as a joint owner I think the account is yours. I don't remember having to prove Moms death to withdrawl the money. My Mom only had $148 left in hers. I have used it to pay probate and other little things that popped up. Did you receive any money from her Personal Needs Acct? You need to file for it at the home. Take the death certificate and proof of Executorship. The billing office will send your sister the check. This is part of ur Moms estate.
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Yes, If it's a joint account with your mom and mom is deceased - you can close provided you can go to bank with the death certificate.
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