Hi all. So I had done background checks on a caretaker who has been working for me for 7 months. A family member doesn't get along with her but she does her job caring for our Mother; Mom has no complains.
The family member since has dug up past history on Instant Checkmate finding misdemeanors. My question is could the family member bring this to court in the State of Nevada saying that I am negligent in caring for our mother?
I'm not sure I want to let the caretaker go but the family member could cause trouble.
Thanks for any and all thoughts!

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I doubt it. Thats why they are a misdemeanors. Funny though they did not show up on your background check. Maybe they are old. I don't even think you could be held liable if there was a Felony. We all deserve second chances.

Do you have Financial and Medical POA? Is the family member your sibling or Moms sibling? If Moms sibling, IMO they have no rights when a child is in the picture.

You and Mom are satisfied, that's what counts.
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What kind of misdemeanors? For petty drug stuff?
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I highly doubt it, people make mistakes, and people change. If your mom like her and is happy, I would let it go
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It would be highly unusual for misdemeanor charges or convictions to be held against anyone in employment situations. Felony convictions are another matter.
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